REHAU Windows — German quality

The words “Made in Germany” or “German quality” is the best recommendation for any commodity purchase. Plastic windows are not an exclusion from the rules. We are the official dealer of the German REHAU plastic window manufacturing companies group, the founder and leader of the industry.

The great experience and many years of technology improvement let us create the reliable product, which can be used for ages. We successfully produce and install the windows taking into account the clients needs, technical features of the room and average annual change in the weather conditions. The official web site of the company contain the information about the product line of window models.

You can find out more information about Rehau Windows via telephone +7 (495) 724-74-01, or ask us to recall you and our specialists connect with you in 10 minutes.

Production and Sales of German PVC windows in Moscow

We produce REHAU plastic systems for flats, offices and country houses. We use

We use quality German fittings, profiles and double-glazed windows. All of the materials meet European quality standards of production and environmental safety, are certified for compliance with Russian Federation Standards (GOSTs and TR TS).

REHAU windows can be characterized by a low cost compared to competitors. This benefits was achieved not by the production quality decline, but the production process optimization and mass production which means the costs of research are evenly distributed throughout Europe. You get cheap and quality windows, and we receive thankful REHAU company’s customers throughout the whole Europe.

Glazing of balconies

We carry out the whole complex of works on glazing and finishing balconies and loggias.  Our company conducts a warm and cold glazing of your balcony on a turn-key basis. We do the whole complex of works, operatively, taking into account your wishes.

German quality. Low prices.

REHAU windows measurement and installation

slider_brillant_2Our specialists will prepare the individual scheme of cooperation for each client. Our specialists will follow you at every stage. Starting with the selection of windows, metering, installation and up to the garbage removal from your apartment, and also within 5 warranty years - we will always be with you. We use the fittings of only proven suppliers - German companies Roto and Siegenia, perfectly suited to the REHAU windows. The official website of these companies will confirm the high quality and reliability of the products.

It does not matter if you change the interior of your premises, do a redevelopment in the office or build a country house - REHAU products and our service will solve all problems and make repairs quick and quality.

Please, order REHAU windows on the official website of our company!

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